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Clinical Innovation Collaborative

Following an Industry Event in September 2014 hosted by a partnership of HSC R&D Division, ABPI NI Innovation Group, HSC Innovations, Queen's University, Ulster University and InvestNI and attended by scientific and medical personnel from a number of global pharmaceutical companies, it was agreed that an Clinical Innovation Collaborative should be established in NI.

The aim of the collaborative is to capitalise on the energy and enthusiasm, generated at the September meeting and bring together key stakeholders involved in research related to HSC in order to drive forward industry sponsored clinical research in Northern Ireland. In particular the forum will include representation from each of the organisations listed above but also an Industry link and a number of leading clinical researchers in NI.

A further industry event - Clinical Innovation Conference was held in 2016 with the theme of "Precision Medicine"

For more information please contact Dr Julie McCarroll, Programme Manager, HSC R&D Division