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HSC R&D Division Produce New Leaflet

HSC R&D Division have produced a new leaflet entitled: Welcome to HSC R&D: building research in health and social care, the purpose of which is to raise awareness of research and our work to build capacity in HSC research in Northern Ireland.
Research and development (R&D) is the foundation on which good health and social care is built.  At HSC R&D, our role is to create an environment in which researchers can access trained staff, leading experts, infrastructure and support services through all stages of their research journey.  In turn, their work will improve treatment and outcomes for patients in Northern Ireland, through participation in high quality clinical trials, improvements to best practice, and the development of new medical technology, procedures and therapies.
Developing and enabling infrastructure
From datasets to networks to clinical research facilities, we help build the essential support structure which facilitates high quality research and maximum benefit to patients. Working with partner organisations across a range of sectors allows us to maximise the return on investment in Northern Ireland’s research infrastructure.
Growing research capacity
The best health and social care comes from a research literature workforce informed by a solid evidence base. That's why we continue to invest in capacity building to develop and maintain a core of active, skilled researchers. Engaging with the HSC, universities and policymakers helps us to identify and prioritise key areas for growth.
For more and to download a copy of the leaflet click on the image below.