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Job Vacancy - Research Contracts Officer Band 6 (Temporary) BHSCT

HSC Innovations is a regional service which supports the identification and development of new ideas arising from Northern Ireland’s Health and Social Care organisations. They also provide an interface for external organisations who wish to collaborate with Northern Ireland health and social care employees/ organisations. HSC Innovations is funded by the Public Health Agency (PHA), Health and Social Care (HSC) Research and Development Division.

The “Research for Better Health and Social Care – 2016-2025” strategy for HSC Research and Development in Northern Ireland, aims to enhance the health, wellbeing and prosperity of people in Northern Ireland through world renowned research and development, by strengthening links between research and better policy making, increasing success in competing for additional funding, enhancing our research infrastructure and effectively communicating the findings.

There is now a need to extend additional support to the area of R&D collaboration in the area of research contracts. This will provide Health and Social Care employees undertaking research and regional HSC R&D Offices with timely facilitation, advice and support around contracting for HSC research being undertaken with other clinical, academic and industry partners.

This is to ensure that employees, organisations and participants are protected and that the research is undertaken to provide maximum benefits for patients. It will also support and facilitate the timely implementation of contracts to cover the increasing amount of R&D with industry partners.

The Research Contracts Officer will be responsible for the day to day running of the HSC R&D regional contracts advice service, facilitating the development of both commercial and non-commercial contracts for mutual benefit (i.e. between the HSC, funding organisations, academia and Industry, or any combination of these).

The post holder will be responsible for providing advice and support whilst working with a broad range of clinical colleagues, academics and external stakeholders, including HSC R&D staff, staff working in non-commercial and commercial research funding organisations and researchers based in Universities and the HSC and NHS across Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK and Ireland. The post holder will also be expected to provide specialist contract advice and lead in the review, preparation, and negotiation of a range of contracts and other legal documents (for example; model template agreements, non disclosure agreements, material transfer agreements, licence agreements) to enable efficient start-up of research projects.


The closing date for applications is 23 March 2018 at 16:30.  For more information and to apply visit the HSC Recruit website.