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Who's Who

Dr Carolyn Harper

Director, Public Health

Prof Ian Young

Chief Scientific Advisor, DoH (NI)
Director, Health & Social Care R&D

Dr Janice Bailie

Assistant Director, HSC R&D Division

Senior Management Team

Areas of speciality include:

Dr Nicola Armstrong

Programme Manager

Public Health Research
Use of Data in Research
Research Outputs
Health Research Analysis and Classification
Commissioned Research


Programme Manager

Social Care Research
Nursing Research
Researcher Career Development
Researcher Training
Research Fellowships

Dr Gail Johnston

Programme Manager

PPI in Research
Commissioned Research
GP Research Training
Cochrane Fellowships and Training
All Ireland Institute of Hospice & Palliative Care 

Dr Julie McCarroll

Programme Manager

Enabling Research Awards
NIHR & EU funding
Life Sciences Contact Point for HSC Research
Research Infrastructure
Research Costing

Dr Clive Wolsley

Programme Manager

Research Infrastructure
US Ireland Research Partnership
Knowledge Exchange
Translational Research
Research Fellowships

Support Team


Angela Caldwell

Support Manager

Support team lead
Budget Management
Finance support

Eimear Cowan

Strand Administrator

Doctoral Fellowship Awards
US Ireland Partnership Programme Awards
Opportunity Led Commissioned Research
Workshops & Conferences Awards

Joanne O’Neill

Strand Administrator

Enabling Research Awards
Research Networks
Trust Research Offices
Research Infrastructure Awards

Kathleen Roulston

Strand Administrator

Knowledge Exchange Awards
GP Research Training Awards
Cochrane Fellowship Awards
Needs Led Commissioned Research

Admin Team


Lesley Armour

PA to AD and Director

Admin lead
PA support to Assistant Director HSC R&D Division
PA support to Director of  R&D for HSC

Michael Cunningham

Administrative Assistant

Research outputs and classification

Cara McClure

Administrative Assistant

Workshops & Conferences
Panel Meetings


Download a pdf of HSC R&D Division staff structure (January 2015)