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Eileen Wright steps down as co-chair of PIER group

Eileen Wright is standing down as co-chair of PIER (Public Involvement Enhancing Research) after 3 years.  To thank her for her service and the innovative ideas and speakers she introduced to the group, she was presented with flowers at the PIER training workshop in June.
Eileen who is one of the founding members of PIER will continue to play an active role in the group. A new co-chair will be elected by PIER in the coming months.

Also HSC R&D Division would like to welcome two new members to the group who are Jean Dunlop and Jenna Hill.

For more details about PIER click here


Eileen Wright (2nd from left holding her flowers) and also from left to right Dr Gail Johnston, Tony Samworth, Laura Collins, Gordon Kennedy, Maggie Wright and Alan Ferrett