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26-28 Apr 2023 - Network Meta-Analysis Workshop

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For any given condition there may be a number of alternative treatment options. Network meta-analysis is an extension of pairwise meta-analysis that allows the simultaneous synthesis of data from networks of interventions. By combining direct and indirect information, network meta-analysis can inform every possible treatment comparison, even those for which no head-to-head comparisons exist.


This course will focus on the role of network meta-analyses in comparative effectiveness research for healthcare interventions.


The objective of this course is to examine the full process of a network meta-analysis from the planning stage and the preparation of the protocol up to the final report and publication of the manuscript. Day 3 will focus on practical sessions in R and some more advanced topics of network meta-analysis.

Learning outcomes

In this course participants will be enabled to:

  • Understand the concept and the main principles of network meta-analysis
  • Write a protocol for a network meta-analysis
  • Understand and evaluate the assumptions of a network meta-analysis
  • Interpret the results of a network meta-analysis
  • Identify the limitations and potential sources of bias within a network of interventions
  • Critically appraise the results from a network meta-analysis
  • Synthesize the data from a network of interventions (Day 3 only)
  • Create visualizations and prepare the final report (Day 3 only)

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