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Evidence Implementation Centre for Adult Social Care

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Health Foundation have announced funding to support a new UK Centre to enhance the use of research evidence in adult social care. The Centre will aim to increase the use of high quality research evidence to improve and support innovation within adult social care across the UK. Our pre-call announcement is available at the links below, and further information and community engagement is expected to launch in late October 2019 with anticipated funding of up to £15 million available. To support the commissioning of the Centre, the Health Foundation and ESRC will be running some engagement workshops to discuss the initiative, explore some of the challenges and build the necessary networks and partnerships needed to develop the Centre and achieves its aims. Workshop registration information is included in the pre-call announcement.


For more details see the ESRC website or the Health Foundation website

Please direct any enquires to ESRC or Health Foundation to the following mailboxes:


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