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Evidence Synthesis Cochrane Training Courses 2020

Evidence Synthesis Ireland provides a varied, high quality training programme with an emphasis on different methods of evidence synthesis to support the pathway from question formulation, through evidence synthesis to guideline development and recommendations.
They have announced a number of training courses and webinars for 2020 as follows:
Qualitative Evidence Synthesis - Galway, 6 March 2020
Quality Evidence Synthesis (QES) is the broad term given to over 30 different methods of the synthesis of qualitative studies.  By integrating or aggregating views across multiple qualitative studies, QES has the ability to bring together data to generate new conceptual or theoretical models, to provide evidence for the development, implementation and evaluation of interventions.  QES can also identify areas where furter funding is required.  As with systematic reviews, the methods of QES must be transparent, systematic and rigorous.
Search Techniques for Systematic Reviews and Other Evidence Synthesis - Dublin. 8-9 June 2020
This workshop on systematic searching will be delivered over 2 days by Carol Lefebvre.  Carol Lefebvre is an indepenent information consultant and was previously the Senior Information Specialist at UK Cochrane Centre from 1992 to 2012.  She now focuses on teaching and consultancy in information retrieval for evidence synthesis, such as systematic reviews, health technology assessment and guidance development.  She is Co-Convenor of the Cochrane Information Retrieval Methods Group and is a lead author on the searching chapter of The Cochrane Handbook.
Writing a Systematice Review - Cork, 15-16 June 2020 and Belfast, 11-12 November 2020
This workshop provides authors, at the beginning of a Cochrane systematic review process, with an in-depth understanding of how Cochrane Reviews are structured.  It offers an insight to the development of a Cochrane protocol, introducing participants to Cochrane methodology, search methods, data extraction and meta-analysis.  This workshop also includes an introduction to RevMan software and its use during protocol development.
Cochrane Systematic Review Advanced Author Training - Dublin, 16-17 November 2020
This workshop provides authors, actively involved in conducting a Cochrane Systematic Review, with confidence to assess a wide range of data types.  It offers an insight into more complex methods of meta-analysis.  This workshop also includes an overview on how to produce a summary of findings table for use in your review.
For more details of all their training courses and to book a place see the Evidence Synthesis Ireland Website.
Evidence Synthesis Ireland have also a number of webinars below.  To register for any click on the relevant title.
Evidence Synthesis Ireland have also produced a short introductory video entitled "Evidence Synthesis - What is it and Why do we need it?"  To watch the video click here.