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Four Nations NHS/HSC Compatibility Programme - UK Local Information Pack

From 5 June 2019 researchers working with NHS/HSC organisations across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will benefit from a consistent package to support study set-up and delivery across the UK. 
The UK Local Information Pack contains an Organisation Information Document which has replaced the Statement of Activities that was used in England and Wales and the Site Specific Information form, which was used in Northern Ireland and Scotland.  The Organisational Information Document is required as part of the UK Local Information Pack for commercial and non-commercial research.
Examples of completed SoECAT and OID templates are also now available on the Four Nations NHS/HSC Compatibility website on the UK Local Information Pack: Questions and Answers page. 
For more information and guidance on the UK Local Information Pack please visit IRAS Help.
The UK Local Information Pack, including the Organisational Information Document, should not be used for Participant Identification Centres (PICs).  Model PIC Agreements, to be used as a subcontract between participating NHS/HSC host organisations and PICs, are being developed.  These will be released in the coming weeks.  In the interim, please continue to use the current process for recruitment and set up of PICs. 

A slideshow presentation which explains the new procedure is also available to download if you click on the image below.