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Latest NIHR funding call

Please be aware of the call from NIHR for "ambitious data-enabled trials, health services and public health research studies"
NIHR are accepting stage 1 applications for this primary research cross programme topic.
Application dates: 21 March 2019 to 04 September 2019
For more information see NIHR website>>


Other NIHR opportunities include:

Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme
An NIHR and MRC partnership

19/21 Mechanisms of Action of Health Interventions
19/22 EME Tobacco Cessation, Control and Harm Reduction Interventions
19/23 Cannabis-based products for medicinal use
19/24 Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme - Researcher-led

Health Technology Assessment Programme
19/25 Anaesthesia for arteriovenous fistula formation
19/26 Maternal intrapartum glycaemic control
19/27 Peritoneal endometriosis: to treat or not?
19/28 Endoscopic bipolar radiofrequency ablation for treating biliary obstruction caused by unresectable cancer
19/29 Frequency of blood tests for inflammatory conditions
19/30 Strategies in older people's care settings to prevent infection
19/31 Gastrointestinal side effects in cancer immune checkpoint therapy
19/32 Behavioural intervention to treat anxiety in adults with autism and moderate to severe learning disabilities
19/33 Treating specific phobias in children with moderate to severe learning disabilities
19/34 Medication for ADHD in adults with a history of psychosis or bipolar disorder
19/35 Short-term use of benzodiazepines for the acute management of acute low back pain
19/36 Antioxidant supplements to slow AMD progression
19/37 Deep infiltrating endometriosis
19/38 Scanning confocal ophthalmoscopy for diabetic eye screening
19/39 Minimally invasive operative interventions for bladder outlet obstruction due to benign prostatic hyperplasia
19/40 Needle and syringe exchange schemes and opiate substitution therapy in the UK
19/41 Clozapine for children and young people with treatment resistant schizophrenia
19/42 Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor to prevent depression following traumatic brain injury
19/43 Amitriptyline for the prevention of post-herpetic neuralgia
19/44 Nutrient enriched diet for babies with a brain injury
19/47 Themed Call: Cannabis-based products for medicinal use
19/53 Rivastigmine for psychotic symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease

Public Health Research Programme
19/19 - Public Health Research Programme: Researcher-led
19/20 Tobacco cessation, control and harm reduction interventions

For more information and a list of all current funding opportunities, please visit the NIHR website.