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Medical Research Council Big Ideas

The Medical Research Council (MRC) has launched a pilot programme to encourage the submission of ambitious and exciting ideas that have the potential to transform the health research landscape and help them to achieve the strategy outlined in their Delivery Plan 2019. They are looking to engage with the research and innovation community to identify ideas that will attract the enthusiasm of researchers, the public, industry and government, either by the nature of the science itself or the potential health and socio-economic changes these could offer in the future. Submissions will contribute to the development of a pipeline of ideas/cases that can be used to attract public investment should opportunities arise. 

“Big Ideas” are expected to be novel and adventurous and offer investment opportunities for new ways of working, infrastructure, or research that cannot be supported through their existing funding routes. They will be distinctive, compelling and have the potential to create transformational change. The ideas should appeal to the research and innovation communities that would be expected to play a central role in realising their potential. They can be fundamental or applied, UK-based or international partnerships and multidisciplinary ideas are particularly encouraged.

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