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The Model for Dementia Palliative Care Project Survey

Help Shape Future Models of Dementia Palliative Care - We Want to Hear From You!
The University College Cork want to hear from healthcare workers, policy-makers, researchers, and other professionals with an interest in Dementia palliative care. Your contribution matters – complete the survey and have your say!
What is the survey about?
As part of The Model for Dementia Palliative Care Project, they are conducting a survey of healthcare professionals and researchers to find out:
A) What they feel is most important in a model of palliative care for people with dementia living in the community?
B) What existing Dementia Palliative Care services are there?
Who should take part?
Any healthcare worker, policy-maker, researcher, or other professional with an interest in dementia and/or palliative care, working in Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England or Wales. They want to hear from as many people as possible, all views are valid.
To take part in the survey click on the following link: or see the attached flyer.