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New Version of UK-wide model Non-Commercial Agreement (mNCA) published


The mNCA is a template used to agree the relationship between, and the responsibilities of, non-commercial sponsors and their research sites in relation to specific studies. The update replaces the 2008 version, which was revised following a consultation

The template is structured to meet the requirements of non-commercial sponsors and the NHS (or other) bodies undertaking the research and has been developed as a single UK-wide agreement template, meaning that it can be used irrespective of where the sponsor and research site are established.

It is designed to be used without modification or negotiation.

More information can be found in the templates and supporting documents section of the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS).

Dr Janice Bailie, Assistant Director of HSC R&D Division, Public Health Agency, said:

“I welcome the release of this new UK-wide template agreement for non-commercial research in health and social care, which has been developed in close consultation with sponsors and tailored to meet their needs and those of collaborating partners including academic and NHS/HSC.  I strongly advise all stakeholders to adopt this template, to ensure rapid & efficient start-up of future research studies.”


Alastair Nicholson, HRA Senior Development Manager, said:

Version 2.1of the mNCA represents four years of work and significant contributions from a great number of people, and I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone involved.

“The revised mNCA should be used in place of the previous version 1.0, as it contains key clauses to bring it in line with GDPR, and we will shortly issue further guidance on bringing existing agreements in line with the regulation.

“We have already released extensive guidance on GDPR, which we will continue to update and can be found here."