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NI R&D Application Gateway

The NI R&D Application Gateway facilitates and supports the process of gaining Research Governance Permissions for multicentre studies involving Northern Ireland.

It is mandatory to use the Gateway for applications of multicentre commercial and non-commercial studies requiring HSC Research Governance Permission.

The Gateway does not give HSC Research Governance Permission for a research study, rather its role is to work in partnership with the HSC Trust R&D Offices in Northern Ireland to provide a co-ordinated and streamlined process of gaining Research Governance Permissions for multicentre studies.

Multicentre studies which are led from England, Scotland or Wales are able to use the Gateway for their sites in Northern Ireland. Similarly studies which are led from Northern Ireland will use the Gateway for co-ordination of studies with sites in England, Scotland or Wales. 

The Gateway has provided a set of Frequently Asked Questions which you can download to learn more about how they work.


Click here to download> HSC Trust Research Management Permission (Guidance for Applicants)


The Gateway provides researchers with the following: 

  • Access to informed staff by phone, email or in person, to provide guidance on the Governance Permissions process and to answer any queries which may arise
  • A single point of entry for multicentre research study applications for Northern Ireland
  • Study-wide documents only required to be submitted once
  • Centralised research study application co-ordination
  • Improved efficiency due to the Gateway’s streamlined and best practice procedures
  • Reduced time to gain permissions which meet governance and regulatory requirements
  • Direct links with national permission co-ordinating centralised offices in England, Scotland & Wales
  • Provide advice and guidance to researchers/research applicants on the co-ordination of multicentre studies both within Northern Ireland and across other nations
  • Provides consistency of approach to granting research permissions for multicentre studies