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Nine ways research could save the NHS money

In this highlight, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) have carefully selected nine NIHR Signals that show how research could help to save the NHS money. This collection covers a range of treatments and initiatives that are cost effective for the NHS which include:

  • Weight loss surgery is value for money in people with severe obesity
  • Surgery is no more effective than a sling for misaligned shoulder fractures
  • Rotavirus vaccine helped to save the NHS money with a reduction in GP visits during winter 
  • Public health interventions may offer society a return on investment of £14 for each £1 spent
  • Less stringent target oxygen levels for acute bronchiolitis are safe and effective
  • Routine replacement of intravenous cannulae is unnecessary and costly
  • Behavioural activation (BA) is cheaper and can be as good as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for treating depression
  • Redesigning oral surgery with enhanced primary dental care, electronic referral and triage may save overall costs
  • Same day treatment of uterine polyps in clinics is as good as inpatient treatment and better value for money


For more details on each of these studies see the NIHR website>>.