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SAPHIRe publish its first Newsletter

In this first issue of their newsletter, you will get an introduction to the Securing Adoption of Personalised Health in Regions (SAPHIRe) project and team.  They will highlight their work to date, and also keep you up to date with any important upcoming events.


To view or download the newsletter click here.


About the SAPHIRe Project

The Consortium for Securing the Adoption of Personalised Health in Regions (SAPHIRe), aims to structure the application of personalised health at regional level which will drive the transition towards sustainable healthcare and personalised health.

To stimulate developments in personalised medicine and support the uptake in all European regions, including sparsely populated and remote regions, the EU Commission awarded a coordination and support action on Securing the Adoption of Personalised Health in Regions - SAPHIRe.
The project will support the agenda of the International Consortium of Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed), which was formally established in November 2016 at the initiative of the European Commission.
SAPHIRe is coordinated by the Department Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) of the Flemish government.
Other consortium members include the Public Health Agency (PHA) from Northern Ireland, Hungary-based EIT Health InnoStars and the EuroBioForum Foundation (The Netherlands).
SAPHIRe will run for the next three years and plans to engage with regional stakeholders, including policymakers, industrial and academic actors via a series of thematic workshops.
Precision Medicine and Healthcare
Professor Manuel Salto-Tellez, lead of the new Precision Medicine Centre of Excellence at Queen's University Belfast, talks about the importance of precision medicine and the role it plays in healthcare. To view the video click on the image above.
Professor Tony Bjourson, Professor of Genomics at Ulster University talks about the role personalised medicine is playing in our healthcare systems. To view the video click on the image above.
For more information about SAPHIRe click here or visit the website