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Vacancy - HSC R&D Research Approvals Assessor (Band 6) 3 posts available


This role will form part of a new HSC Central Approvals Service, and will assist the Head of Research Governance to promote robust research governance activities for the HSC Research and Development Division. This role will ensure the safety and quality of research applications to undertake research on HSCNI sites. This is a new role and team that will form a new central HSC Research and Development Approval services. The new service will provide a series of study-wide assessments of research applications which was previously done at each HSC Trust. A central team will mean that the service will allow for a single point of entry for a research application to HSCNI and notification of the outcome to the applicant or sponsor of research on behalf of all the HSC Trusts.

This role will have the responsibility for the assessment of governance and legal compliance and approval of all research applications to Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (study wide review, including appropriate amendments, costing and contracts). The post-holder will review submitted research applications from researchers or sponsors that seek to undertake research projects in Health and Social Care Northern Ireland sites either as the lead nation or as a participating nation in multinational research studies. Due to the multifaceted nature of health research the post holder will conduct study-wide governance assessments (including appropriate amendments, costing and contracts), ensuring that the methodologies comply with appropriate legislation and research management arrangements for different research types.

This role will be a key part of the new HSC R&D Approval service for research in the HSC/NHS. The role will include contributing to the ongoing improvement of the new processes and polices which constitute HSC Research and Development Governance Approval and to the refinement of new standard operating procedures within the new HSC Research and Development Approvals function which will interface with the existing Office of Research Ethics Committee Northern Ireland (ORECNI) Service, and the HSCNI Research and Development Offices situated across the five HSCNI Trusts. Recent changes at UK policy level mean that the team will align and work with partner organisations in the other UK Nations with similar functions.

To read more and apply see the HSC Recruit website.

The closing date for applications is 9 September 2022 at 18:00.