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Research Program Awards

Needs-Led Commissioned Research Awards 

HSC R&D Division supports Needs-led commisioned research derived from an on-going systematic process to identify and prioritise research needs. HSC R&D Division works with users of research (policy-makers, practitioners and commissioners), generators of researchers, patients, clients, carers and others to determine priority research areas. Below are a list of commissioned calls issued by HSC R&D Division over the last 10 years.

Please Click on each titles below to access the Awards and any available report outcomes for each call:


Opportunity-Led Commissioned Reseach Awards

Opportunity-Led commissioned research is derived from ad-hoc opportunities to exploit partnership funding.


NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies (NETS) Awards

DoH makes a commitment in the form of an annual contribution of around £3 million to NIHR.  This investment enables Northern Ireland-based researchers to lead on applications for NIHR research opportunities alongside their colleagues from the United Kingdom (UK). Click here for examples of over £25M NIHR-funded research led from NI>>


Enabling Research Awards

HSC R&D Division is committed to supporting researchers to benefit from NETS opportunities. Northern Ireland has a significant number of researchers and research groups with the necessary expertise and track records necessary for the development of competitive applications. Enabling Research Awards support researchers in their acquisition of funding through eligible NETSCC-managed research programmes.


US Ireland R&D Partnership Program Awards

The US-Ireland Research and Development (R&D) Partnership, launched in July 2006, is a unique initiative involving funding agencies across three jurisdictions: United States of America (USA), Republic of Ireland (RoI) & Northern Ireland (NI). It's purpose is “to increase the level of collaborative R&D amongst researchers and industry professionals across the three jurisdictions” with the governments in USA, RoI & NI recognizing the strong link between high quality research environments and economic development.


NI Longitudinal Study (NILS) Awards

Research projects were funded (with matched funding from the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC)) to exploit the NILS Dataset and support public health policy. The NILS data set provides a unique anonymised dataset comprising linked demographic and health & social care information from the linkage of Census returns, information on births, deaths, migration, and HPSS data.


Recognised Research Group Awards

Recognised Research Groups (RRGs) were an integral part of the HPSS R&D Strategy between 2000-2010 and accounted for a large component of the HPSS R&D Fund expenditure. The RRGs were established in the period between 2000 & 2002 with additional calls for proposals following on in 2003, 2005 & 2007. The concept was intended to facilitate focused good quality research and to create critical mass within vibrant co-operative research environments.