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Opportunity-Led Commissioned Research Awards

HSC R&D Division supports Opportunity-Led commissioned research derived from ad-hoc opportunities to exploit partnership funding.

Senescence biomarkers for predicting risk in Covid-19 patients Dr Taranjit Singh Rai (UU) 2020-22 £197,396
Rapid development of a digital COVID Support Module for Cancer Carers Dr Olinda Santin (QUB) 2021-22 £38,503
H2020: Evaluation of Dyadic Psychoeducational Interventions for People with Advanced Cancer and their Informal Caregivers (DIAdIC) Professor Joanne Reid (QUB) 2021-22 £82,155
Walking for Health (WORTH Trial) Professor Suzanne McDonough (Ulster University) 2021-21 £40,737
Thanks GD Ms Savannah Dodd (QUB) 2020-21 £2,080
Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC): Support for clinical trial development – CDC7 and IAP inhibition. Dr Vicky Coyle (QUB) 2019-20 £50,000
Extension - Movember Prostate Cancer UK CoE Grant - FASTMAN Dr Suneil Jain (QUB) 2020-22 £300,000
PathLEAD – Pathology image data Lake for Education, Analytics and Discovery Professor Manuel Salto-Tellez 2019-22 £136,874
Recording Care through the PACE Framework: Research Evaluation of an Innovative Approach to Person-centred Care Planning Professor Kevin Gormley (QUB) 2019-21 £56,143
Public Attitudes to Breastfeeding Dr Paula Devine (QUB) 2019-20 £65,409
Northern Ireland Complex Disease Bio resource (NICDB) and initiation of Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression Northern Ireland (GLAD-NI) Study Professor Cherie Armour (UU) 2019-20 £119,500
Development of a patient and family-initiated escalation of care scheme to detect and refer patient deterioration in hospital Dr Jenny McGaughey (QUB) 2018-19 £2,740

Development of Connected Health Living Laboratory

**download Executive Summary**

Professor C Nugent (UU) 2018-20 £205,000
Understanding social norms and social network effects in school based smoking prevention Prof Frank Kee (QUB) 2018-19 £40,000

Informing the development of an evidence based public health approach: public awareness of palliative care and advance care planning

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**download Executive Summary**

Professor Sonja McIlfatrick (UU) 2018-19 £46,752
Women and Maternity Care Providers’ Experiences and Perceptions of Home Birth Service provision in Northern Ireland Dr Maria Healy (QUB) 2018-19 £4,000
Developing and evaluating an educational intervention for the maintenance of constipation: A feasibility intervention study Professor Sonja McIlfatrick (UU) 2018-19 £12,000
Tracing the Longitudinal Belfast Youth and Development Study Cohort – A feasibility Study Dr Kathryn Higgins (QUB) 2018-19 £45,000
Precision Medicine Centre of Excellence Prof Manuel Salto-Tellez (QUB) 2018-23 £500,000
Cessation of Smoking in Pregnancy (CPIT III Trial) Prof Frank Kee (QUB) 2017-20 £200,000
Movember GAP4: INTERVAL – MCRPC: INtense Exercise for survival with Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer: a multicentre, randomised, controlled, phase III study.  Dr Gillian Prue (QUB) 2017-22 £185,460
Infant Death and Co-Sleeping Dr John Devaney (QUB) 2017 £2,500
Pulmonary epithelial barrier and immunological junctions at birth and in early life – key determinants of development of asthma? Dr Ultan Power (QUB) 2016-20 £200,000
Steps Towards Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program (STAMPP) in Northern Ireland Dr A Percy (QUB) 2016-18 £94,122
TrueNTH UK – Maximising Sexual Wellbeing Project (Prostate Cancer) Prof E McCaughan (UU) 2016-19 £30,000
Nicola Study - CoE Public Health Prof F Kee (QUB) 2016 £300,000
i4i: Breath Analysis in Intensive Care: Proof of Concept for non-invasive diagnosis of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Dr R McMullan (QUB) 2016-17 £3,779
TRAC-24: Single centre randomised controlled trial to assess the effect of the addition of twenty-four hours of oral tranexamic acid post-operatively to a single intra-operative intravenous dose of tranexamic acid on calculated blood loss following primary hip and knee arthroplasty.
Dr D Beverland (BHSCT)
Psychological Trauma in People with Learning Difficulties
Dr L Taggart (UU)
Medication adherence in long-term conditions - leverage of the NICOLA study
Prof J McElnay (QUB)
Nurse Fellow to the European Society of Cardiology
Dr L Hill (BHSCT)
Public Attitudes to Data Sharing in Northern Ireland
Prof G Robinson (UU)
Social Complexity in Pregnancy
Prof G MacDonald (QUB)
Can Twitter sentiment help us design better social media-enabled mass communication interventions for public health?  A feasibility study focussing on skin cancer prevention
Prof F Kee (QUB)
A Cluster RCT pilot of the 'Good Behaviour Game' in disadvantaged areas
Prof A Thurston (QUB)
The Effectiveness of School-Based Socio-Emotional Learning Programme: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Prof P Connolly (QUB)
Movember Prostate Cancer UK CoE Grant  Optimising DNA – damaging therapies as treatment for localised and metastatic prostate cancer
Dr S Jain (QUB)
Multiples Point of Care detection of sepsis pathogens, using biochip array technology
Prof D McAuley (QUB)
Diabetes education for adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) with Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and their family/paid carers: a pilot RCT
Dr L Taggart (UU)
Improving the implementation of findings from randomised controlled trials in complex critical care interventions through process evaluation
Dr B Blackwood (QUB)
National Survey of Recent Mothers 2010 Proposal
Prof F Alderdice (QUB)
Microbial community composition in the airways of patients with chronic lung infection: characterization and clinical impact
Prof M Tunney (QUB)
Assessment of the potential hypervirulence of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from Royal Victoria NICU outbreak
Prof S Elborn (QUB)
Infant Death and Co-Sleeping
Dr A Lazenbatt (QUB)
Understanding how to improve the lives of men living with prostate cancer
Dr A Gavin (QUB)
Improving diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infections in pregnancy
Dr P Coyle (BHSCT)
MeASURe – Systematic Review of Outcome Measures in Autism
Prof G MacDonald (QUB)
HARP- Hydroxmethylglutaryl-CoA reductase inhibition with simvastatin in Acute lung injury to Reduce Pulmonary dysfunction
Prof D McAuley (QUB)
The epidemiology, diagnosis and outcomes of Aspergillus infection in ventilator-associated pneumonia: A UK multicentre prospective study
Dr R McMullan (QUB)
Future Leadership Development Programme in Ageing Research in Ireland - North and South
A Mapping Exercise to Explore the Evidence of the Role of AHPS in Health Promotion and Prevention.
Prof S McDonough (UU)
Effectiveness of a programme of exercise on physical function in survivors of critical illness following discharge from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU): a randomised controlled trial
Dr B O’Neill (UU)
Food in Schools- Reward Intervention
Dr M McKinley (QUB)
The cost-effectiveness of community-based models of care for child and adolescent anorexia nervosa
Prof G MacDonald (QUB)
 EUROCAT (European Surveillance of Congenital Anomalies)
 Prof H Dolk (UU)
 The Effect of Antiproteases on pro-inflammatory mediator release and expression by alveolar neutrophils and macrophages in acute lung injury.
 Prof C Taggart (QUB)
 HPV Prevalence in Cervical Cancers and Premalignant Lesions of the Cervix
 Dr A Gavin (QUB)
 To evaluate the effectiveness of a structured education programme about diet and insulin management for adolescents with type 1 diabetes
 Prof V Coates (UU)