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Cross-border Healthcare Intervention Trials In Ireland Network (CHITIN) is a unique cross-border partnership between the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland and the Health Research Board in the Republic of Ireland, to develop infrastructure and deliver Healthcare Intervention Trials (HITs). The HITs will help prevent and cure illness and promote improved health and wellbeing in NI, RoI and Irish cross-border areas.

There are 11 health and social care research trials covering a broad range of areas such as: Asthma, Stroke, Diabetes and Mental Health. They cover a range of disciplines such as Primary Care, Public Health and involve a broad range of HSC professionals. There are people from all walks of life involved in the trials from young people to older people. Most health research takes place in big cities and now this health inequality can be addressed through the CHITIN project, bringing researchers an opportunity to deliver in this area and to help benefit people and their communities. Download the CHITIN Trials Booklet here

The CHITIN project is funded from the EU's INTERREG VA programme of €8.84m (incl. 15% contribution from the Department of Health in NI and ROI) that had been awarded to the HSC Research & Development Division of the Public Health Agency NI and to the Health Research Board in ROI for the CHITIN project. 

The CHITIN Advisory Group meets every six months. The group's members are from a wide range of disciplines from NI and the ROI and includes healthcare professionals and patient groups, research & development organisations. For a list of the members of this group, click here. To view the Terms of Reference for the CHITIN Advisory Group, download here.

What is CHITIN?

CHITIN, a naturally occurring substance and the second most abundant organic compound in nature, enfolds, supports and protects the soft tissue of an insect’s body, forming an outer ‘exo-skeleton’.  Its chemical composition gives the CHITIN matrix increased strength. This was the source of inspiration for use of the CHITIN acronym and the accompanying ladybird logo for the Cross-border Healthcare Intervention Trials in Ireland Network. Each of the ladybird’s spots represents a trial and the strength and durability of the CHITIN matrix is synonymous with the formation of the Network, through which it is envisaged we can deliver enhanced equity of opportunity to plan, deliver and participate in Healthcare Intervention Trials in Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Republic of Ireland.