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Briefing Note and flow charts and templates intended for researchers and research sponsors involved in research in Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland based Health and Social Care (HSC) research ethics and R&D staff

high quality research in to PBT needed

29 March 2019
Mossley Mill, Newtownabbey

Marlene received the award from Dame Tina Lavender at a BJM conference on 13 Feb 2019

Ulster University launch the GLAD Study in Northern Ireland.

The 2019 submission period runs from 4 Feb 2019 to 14 March 2019.

Guidance developed jointly by the NHS R&D Forum, the Health Research Authority and INVOLVE

The Consortium for Adoption of Personalised Health in Regions

A key focus is research and innovation to drive future outcomes and improvement. This acknowledges that patients benefit enormously from research and innovation, with breakthroughs enabling prevention of ill-health, earlier diagnosis, more effective treatments, better outcomes and faster recovery.

Closing date for applications is 22 March 2019