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BRAIN-Diabetes: Border Region Area lifestyle Intervention study for healthy Neurocognitive ageing in Diabetes (Host Organisation – QUB)

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is associated with an almost three-fold increased risk of Dementia in later life. The lag period between DM diagnosis and development of Dementia symptoms represents an opportunity for risk modification. A Scandinavian study showed that an intensive multi-domain lifestyle intervention programme (nutrition, exercise, cognitive stimulation and intensive vascular risk factor control) applied in older people (age 60-77 years-old) at higher risk for Dementia, produced significant cognitive benefits after two years. 

BRAIN-Diabetes will study the feasibility and effects of a practical lifestyle intervention programme, developed in conjunction with people with DM, on cognition in older people recently diagnosed with DM living in the border areas of Ireland. 

This health research could lead to the development of a practical protocol that patients can comply with, which can reduce risk of cognitive decline and Dementia.

Lead Contact
Professor Peter Passmore, Queen’s University Belfast