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The CHITIN Programme completed in June 2023. Final reports of the 11 CHITIN studies can be viewed on the Legacy page. The CHITIN team wish to thank the CHITIN network and all stakeholders for their involvement and commitment to the programme.

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A randomised pilot study of a theory-based intervention to improve appropriate polypharmacy in older people in primary care (PolyPrime) (Host Organisation – QUB)

Polypharmacy (the use of multiple medicines) is considered to be a major prescribing challenge.  This three-phase pilot study will seek to improve prescribing of appropriate polypharmacy in older people living in their own homes. 

In Phase 1: interviews with 24 General Practitioners (GPs) across 12 practices in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) border counties. The findings will be used to refine the intervention package (consisting of a video and a patient recall system and which was developed in Northern Ireland). 

In Phase 2: a randomised pilot study involving 12 GP practices. Practices will be randomised to intervention (n=6) or control groups (n=6), whereby the intervention package will be tested in the intervention practices and usual care will continue in the control practices. Eligible patients will be invited to attend an appointment (at baseline and six months) with their GP, during which their medication will be reviewed and polypharmacy addressed. 

In Phase 3: a mixed methods process evaluation will be conducted to inform interpretation of findings. 

The potential benefits from this health research include a refined intervention and an understanding of its implementation and expanded capacity to undertake research in the defined area through training and mentoring.

Lead Contact:

Professor Carmel Hughes, Queen’s University Belfast