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10 Dec 2019 - What is meta-ethnography and how do you do it?

Event Date: 

What: What is meta-ethnography and how do you do it?

Where: Lecture Room 3, Riddel Hall, Belfast

When: 10 December 2019


This workshop aims to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the key principles of meta-ethnography conduct including the complex analytic synthesis processes of ‘translation’ and ‘synthesising translations.’
Learning outcomes
In this course participants will be enabled to:
  • Describe the 7 phases of meta-ethnography
  • Understand how meta-ethnography differs from other QES methodologies
  • Understand when use of meta-ethnography is and is not appropriate
  • Identify the range of literature search and selection methods suitable for meta-ethnography
  • Identify the impact of different strategies for reading primary studies on the output of a meta-ethnography
  • Attain an understanding of the principles for conducting meta-ethnography phases 4 to 6: determining how studies are related, translation, synthesis of translations and line of argument synthesis

To read more see the programme and to register see the Evidence Synthesis website.