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HSC Industry Engagement

Northern Ireland’s Health & Social Care System has a rich history of working with industry to introduce the most innovative and effective treatments and care for our citizens. Exemplar industry engagements and clinical research include ....

Father of Emergency Medicine Professor Frank Pantridge  pioneered the first portable defibrillator, to recent spin-out success from local universities, Queen's University and Ulster University


Ivacaftor CF drug, introduction into practice in Europe lead from Northern Ireland and study in 500 patients here – extremely effective in control of symptoms – described as a ‘game changer’


IVANInhibit VEGF in Age-related choroidal Neovascularisation – comparison of Avastin vs Lucentis – enormous savings across the NHS – chosen as NIHR top study


Rapid Meningococcal and Group B Streptococcus diagnostic tests developed, evaluated and licensed to local company, Hibergene Diagnostics, for global exploitation


Novavax COVID-19 vaccine trial, in which almost 500 participants from Northern Ireland volunteered to take part, has been approved for use.
The Northern Ireland arm of the PANORAMIC study, a UK-wide clinical study sponsored by the University of Oxford and funded by NIHR recruited 443 participants (to date)


The five Health and Social Care (HSC) Trusts  provide integrated health and social care services across Northern Ireland. EncompassNI is a HSC wide initiative that will introduce a digital integrated care record for patients across Northern Ireland. It is part of an overall investment of £300m over the next decade, which includes investment in the ICT infrastructure which will benefit patients and the public and HSC staff.

Currently Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record (NIECR) integrates patient health and care data records enables insight into our highly characterised patient cohorts. Access to this integrated healthcare system and other infrastructure such as NI Biobank, make NI a prime location for clinical research and in particular Precision Medicine studies.


HSC R&D Division’s Industry Engagement is focused on driving growth of commercial R&D throughout Health and Social Care NI for the benefit of the population.

HSC Industry Engagement is housed within Health & Social Care Research & Development Division of the Public Health Agency (HSC R&D Division).

  • Promotes and facilitates the engagement of industry with NI’s clinical knowledge base, capability and expertise
  • Facilitates access to high quality clinical data and materials, as appropriate
  • Develops and participates in health R&D programmes aimed at improving processes around clinical research, collaboration innovation
  • Signposts to and creates networks around clinical specialisms, healthcare innovations and industry leadership

Contact Us:

Barry Henderson, Senior Industry Manager

Julie McCullough, Industry Engagement Manager

Twitter @HSC_Industry