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PPI in Research Support Small Grant Scheme

HSC R&D Division have introduced a PPI in Research Support Small Grants Scheme.  

  • HSC R&D Division believes that research and its dissemination are strengthened through the appropriate involvement of service users and the public (PPI). However, we recognise that extra resources may be required to facilitate the involvement of patients and public in the research process as partners rather than participants. 
  • This scheme aims to provide support for people working in HSC research to access resources (e.g. funds, time, skills) to help them implement/develop PPI in their own projects or programmes or to enable PPI representatives already involved in research to apply for courses or workshops which may help to develop them in their role. 
  • It aims to support and encourage innovative practice in the delivery of PPI through the development of new ways of working with patients and public, in particular seldom heard or hard to reach groups.


  • This Scheme is open to researchers, health professionals or patient and public representatives working in the field of Health and Social Care Research in Northern Ireland.
  • It is intended to support applications from Health and Social Care (HSC) organisations and Universities, other HEIs or voluntary/not-for-profit organisations in Northern Ireland involved in health and or social care research.
  • The application must be able to demonstrate the benefit that the PPI initiative will have for the HSC and demonstrate clearly the research context.

To read more about the scheme or to apply click on the relevant image below:



GUIDANCE NOTES                                                         APPLICATION FORM