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Personal and Public Involvement for Researchers

If you are a researcher thinking about involving people in your research as partners rather than subjects, we can help you by providing training, guidance around recruitment and access to resources.

For information and advice about PPI please contact: Gail Johnston (Programme Manager)

Training Workshops

HSC R&D Division in partnership with the Northern Ireland Cancer Trials Centre deliver workshops on Building Research Partnerships.

These workshops are designed for people interested in getting involved in research and researchers interested in involving the public, patients and carers in their research. They use a quality assured train the trainer approach to explore the area of health and social care research as well as the various ways the public can be constructively involved in the research process as partners. They aim to strengthen mutual understanding and working relationships between researchers and the public, and support researchers in developing and delivering quality research that is accessible, acceptable and patient focused to benefit patients and Health and Social Care.

The workshops will help...

people interested in getting involved in research to gain

  • An understanding of how the public can get involved in research.
  • An understanding of what it means to be involved in research and how patients, carers and the public can be involved at each stage of the research process.
  • A knowledge of different types of research methods and terms used in research.

Researchers to gain

  • An understanding of  how the public can get involved in research
  • An understanding of what it means to facilitate involvement in research and how patients, carers and the public can be involved at each stage of the research process.
  • An opportunity to share your expertise in research with patients, carers and the public.

Since 2012 twenty one workshops have taken place in Northern Ireland, most recently being held virtually. Following each course, participants were invited to complete evaluation forms.

Evaluation showed that the workshops:

  • have enabled capacity building at a local and national level
  • have led to a positive learning environment for participants
  • have helped to engage a group of professionals and public with a range of conditions and experience
  • have helped build partnerships which have the potential to have a measurable impact on practice
For information about these workshops please contact:
Cara McClure (Workshop Administrator) or Gail Johnston (Programme Manager)



For Funding Applications:


General Information:

  • National Standards for PPI - The standards are the work of a Public Involvement Standards Development Partnership which brings together representatives including public contributors from the Chief Scientist Office (Scotland), Health and Care Research Wales, the Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland) and the National Institute for Health Research (England).


  • Engage - a website developed in partnership with staff, service users and carers designed to provide a wide range of information, guides and links to support Personal and Public Involvement (PPI).
  • Recruitment Advert can be used and adapted for your own clinical area to advertise for service users and the public who may be interested in being involved in your area.
  • Guide to peer research with young people from one of the Bamford Implementation Commissioned Research Studies "Transitions & outcomes for care leavers with mental health and/or intellectual disabilities" Dr B Kelly (QUB)