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Research Program Awards

Needs-Led Commissioned Research Awards 

Commissioned research in identified priority areas (e.g. Early Intervention Transformation Project; Dementia CareBamford Implementation; Suicide Prevention).

Opportunity-Led Commissioned Reseach Awards

Commissioned research awards derived from opportunities to exploit partnership funding.

NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies (NETS) Awards (Search NIHR website for funded research)

An annual contribution (of around £3M) from HSC R&D Division to the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) supports important national research targeting the questions that are most important to doctors, patients and other evidence-users and the areas of research where the need and opportunity is greatest. It also enables Northern Ireland-based researchers to lead on applications for NIHR research opportunities. Click here for examples of over £25M NIHR-funded research led from NI>>

Enabling Research Awards

Awards to support researchers in their acquisition of funding through eligible NIHR research programmes.

Fellowship Awards

Funding Fellowship Awards at a number of levels, including Doctoral, Post-Doctoral, Career Development & Clinician Scientist.

Cochrane Fellowship Awards

Funding Cochrane Fellowships (links provided to published reviews in the Cochrane Library where available).

General Practice Academic Research Training Scheme (GPARTS)

Awards to support training in research for trainee general practitioners whilst they complete their clinical training.

US Ireland Research & Development Partnership Program Awards

Awards to support US-Ireland R&D Partnership funding.

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Summer Courses

Funding to support attendance at NCI summer courses

Knowledge Exchange Awards

Awards aimed at improving the impact and reach of research.

Support for Workshops and Conferences

Funding for research workshops/conferences promoting evidence-based practice & research dissemination relevant to the HSC.

NIHR Dissemination Centre Contribution

Funding to support the NIHR Dissemination Centre.

NI Longitudinal Study (NILS) Awards

Awards to exploit the NILS Dataset and support public health policy.

Recognised Research Group Awards

Awards to facilitate focused high quality research and create critical mass within vibrant co-operative research environments.