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Research Program Awards

Click on the links below to access information on the funded Awards and any available report outcomes for each call:

Opportunity-Led Research Awards
Commissioned Research derived from ad-hoc opportunities to exploit partnership funding
Opportunity-Led Awards (2010-current)
Commissioned Needs-Led Research Awards
High quality research in priority areas by working with users of research (inc. policy-makers, practitioners and commissioners), generators of researchers, patients, clients, carers and others.
Dementia Care  (2013 & 2014)
Suicide Prevention  (2008 & 2009)
Research Programmes
US Ireland Research & Development Partnership Program Awards (2008-current)
Personal and Public Involvement Awards

PPI in Research Support Small Grant Awards

Education and Training Awards
Fellowship Awards (Doctoral, Post-Doctoral, Career Development, Clinician Scientist) (1998-current)
Cochrane Fellowship Awards (2002-2018)
General Practice Academic Research Training Scheme (GPARTS) (1999-current)
National Cancer Institute (NCI) Courses (support attendance at NCI summer courses)
Research Dissemination
Awards aimed at improving the impact and reach of research and funding for research workshops/conferences promoting evidence-based practice & research dissemination relevant to the HSC
Knowledge Exchange Awards (2010-2018)
Support for Workshops and Conferences (2010-current)
NIHR Dissemination Centre Contribution
NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies (NETS) Awards
An annual contribution (of around £3M) from HSC R&D Division to the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) supports important national research targeting the questions that are most important to doctors, patients and other evidence-users and the areas of research where the need and opportunity is greatest
This investment enables Northern Ireland-based researchers to lead on applications for NIHR research opportunities. Click here for examples of over £25M NIHR-funded research led from NI.
Enabling Research Awards (Awards to support researchers in their acquisition of funding through eligible NIHR research).
(Also search NIHR website for funded research)






.  (Search NIHR website for funded research)