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AcoRD specialist signoff

This page is in relation to AcoRD Specialist Signoff of SoECATs required for NI-led grant applications only. For information in relation to completing a SoECAT in CPMS please review the information here

Once you have completed and submitted an application in CPMS, the SoECAT will be alerted to the HSC R&D Approvals Service for review.  The submission must be made at minimum fifteen working days prior to the grant cut-off date however we recommend preparing and submitting as early as possible. Submissions made with less than fifteen working days notice may not be able to be reviewed for signoff.

To ensure a timely turnaround, please also email with:

  • the CPMS ID of the submission
  • the proposed funder name
  • details of the grant the submission is in relation to and the submission cut-off date (which must be more than ten working days from the date of submission)
  • confirmed study Sponsor name
  • the Lead HSC Trust and the relevant finance officer


An AcoRD Specialist will then be in touch with any queries regarding the submission.

Please note that it is the role of the AcoRD specialist to review and authorise the cost attributions within completed SoECATs, not to complete them on behalf of sponsors.



Please email the HSC R&D Approvals Service at if you have any questions about the AcoRD Specialist signoff process.