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PIER NI (Public Involvement Enhancing Research)

PPI in HSC R&D Division

  • As part of the Strategy for PPI in HSC Research, HSC R&D Division has established a group of Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) representatives who support it in its activities. The name of this group is PIER (NI). PIER stands for Public Involvement Enhancing Research.
  • The purpose of PIER (NI) is to assist HSC R&D Division with implementing PPI in its decision making processes and to raise awareness of the benefits of PPI in research among HSC researchers and the wider public.  It is not intended for PIER members to represent any group of patients or organisation, but will lend their own individual perspective as a member of the general public or a patient, client or carer with experience of a particular illness, condition or service. 

Get to know our current PIER members

Please click here to read the biographies of our current members. 

Interested in working with PIER?

If you are a researcher and you would like to work with PIER, please complete and submit the 'Request for Support' form.

If you have already worked with a member(s) of PIER and would like to provide your feedback, please complete the 'Researcher Feedback' form. 

Interested in becoming a member of PIER (NI)?

Membership of PIER (NI) is voluntary and new members are welcolmed to join on an on-going basis. If you would like to find out more please read the description of PPI role and complete and submit the 'Expression of Interest' form. 

Already a member of PIER?

We also have an online form for PIER members to provide their feedback via the 'Member feedback' form. 


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