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16 Jun 2021 - Digital Health Webinar Series: 'The Role of Digital Tech in Respiratory Health'

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The Health and Social Care (HSC) R&D Division and the Connected Health Innovation Centre (CHIC) based at Ulster University are looking to further establish their existing partnership by arranging a series of workshops to facilitate the access to the Clinical base by NI based Life and Health Science to identify emerging unmet needs in areas of clinical and commercial interest.
In the post COVID world where there has been a marked change in attitudes to the role of technology in healthcare, and a positive acceptance in the need for increased uptake of digital innovations in a healthcare setting, this second webinar in this series will be looking to showcase The Role of Digital Technologies in Respiratory Health.
Healthcare systems are anticipating a surge of societal health issues to emerge post-pandemic and with long-term effects of COVID on the population being particularly manifested in respiratory conditions, digital innovations to address these patient conditions are essential to prevent the healthcare systems being overrun with increasing workloads.
The goal of the event is to build relationships between the HSC Clinical Research Staff, Companies and Academia with a view to increasing collaborative research and technology commercialisation through the matching of clinical need with technology solutions.

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