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17 Jan 2023 - Introduction to Qualitative Evidence Synthesis from Conception to Completion

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Health care policy and practice decisions should be based on a synthesis of the global body of evidence rather than relying on individual studies. Evidence Synthesis Ireland promotes evidence based healthcare policy and practice by supporting high quality, relevant systematic reviews including the synthesis of qualitative evidence.


This workshop provides authors, with an interest in learning more about the QES process, with a comprehensive overview of the approaches to and the methods for qualitative evidence synthesis. It offers an insight to the development of a protocol, introducing participants to, search methods, selecting studies, assessing the quality of studies, data extraction and approaches to synthesis.

Learning Outcomes

In this course, participants will be enabled to:

• Understand the basic principles of a qualitative evidence synthesis

• Identify the scope of their review

• Understand search methods and apply these methods to their search strategy

• Apply the criteria for selecting studies

• Understand the principles of extracting and synthesising findings from a QES

• Understand the application of Grade CERQual to QES findings


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