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17 Jun 2021 - Invitation to Launch of Shared Decision Making Initiative

Event Date: 

Date:                                     Thursday 17th June 2021

Time:                                     10am – 11am    

Development of the Shared Decision Making Tool started some time ago under the leadership of the CEC and included a wide range of stakeholders many of whom will be there on the day of the launch.

Work on developing the tool has included a series of Workshops held in November 2019 to explore definitions of shared decision making.

The workshops:  

- Reviewed the case for shared decision making and our context.

- Explored best practice and lived experience (here and elsewhere).

- Identified the process/stages of shared decision making for patients, service users, families and carers alongside their care professionals.

- Considered the enablers and obstacles and their implications for successful growth of SDM.

- Began to scope the skill base required for everyone involved.

A small writing group was formed from volunteers at the workshops to pull everyone's thoughts together into a Framework/Tool.  A further Workshop was held in February 2020 to share the Framework/Tool and further changes were made to it at that stage. The final Document was then shared with DoH and CEC set up another small group to co-design a range of training materials and partnered with the PHA in bringing this into the public arena.

The Training materials are generic and are intended to be built upon in the coming months and years and we hope that you will add examples of good practice of SDM to enhance and support shared understanding and learning as we move forward.

To register to attend the launch see the flyer.