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18 Feb 2021 - Open Scholarship Café

Event Date: 

This Open Scholarship Café, co-presented by the James Hardiman Library at NUI Galway and the Open Scholarship Community Galway  will present highlights from online citizen science and public engagement research currently taking place in Galway.

The projects reflect the diversity of online interaction and the search for a better understanding of successful online public engagement.

Agenda for the session

1. Defining Sense of Community in online public engagement on the patient feedback platform Care Opinion, with examples from the HRB-TMRN citizen science project The People’s Trial – the first public led online clinical trial - Dr Ann O’Brien - Business Information Systems

2. Case Study – Crowd4Access - Bianca De Oliveira Pereira – Insight Centre for Data Analytics.

3. Case study – Donegal Costal Stories - Dr. Murray Scott – Department of Business Information Systems and Insight Centre for Data Analytics.

4. Brendan Smith and Dr Lukasz Powol from Insight Centre for Data Analytics will showcase their exciting VR Research.

5. Discussion and Q&A.

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