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22 May 2024 - Building Research Partnerships (NI) Training

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Our newly re-structured Building Research Partnerships (NI) training is now available. It has been designed for:

  1. Patients, carers and members of the public who are involved in or are interested in becoming involved as public partners in research, and;
  2. Researchers who want to learn more about how to implement Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) through-out the research cycle, and build more effective PPI partnerships.

The training now consists of two sections:

  • Section 1: A series of pre-recorded presentations that provide an ‘Introduction to Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) in research’. This section can be accessed at any time.
  • Section 2: A ‘live follow-up PPI session’ delivered virtually which enables researchers and patients, carers and members of the public to come together and ask questions, seek support from their peers, and network.

To fully benefit from the training, we recommend that you complete both Section 1 and Section 2. It is advised that you view the series of pre-recorded presentations in Section 1 before you attend a live follow up PPI session.

  • The next ‘live follow-up PPI session’ will be held on Wednesday 22nd May 2.00 -3.30pm. To register, please contact Cara McClure ( and see the flyer.

For further information on the training and how to access it please click here.

Additional PPI resources are also now available on our website

We have recently developed a PPI Resource Library for researchers and a PPI Resource Library for patients, carers and members of the public.