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7 Feb 2023 - Learn about Evidence Synthesis Ireland and our study Within A Review (SWAR) Funding Scheme

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Evidence Synthesis Ireland, which includes Cochrane Ireland, aims to build evidence synthesis knowledge, awareness and capacity among the public, health care institutions and policymakers, clinicians, and researchers on the island of Ireland. We do this through 1) Training & Education; 2) Support; and 3) Research and Innovation. In this webinar, we will give a brief overview of our workshops, Fellowship Scheme and other initiatives that you can get involved in. In January 2023, we launched our “Study Within A Review” (SWAR) Award scheme. The closing date will be 31st March 2023. More information is available at This webinar will introduce the concept of SWARs, why we need to do them, give some key features of SWARs, and provide some examples. A SWAR is a research study that can help provide evidence to inform decisions about how we plan, do and share the findings of future reviews. It addresses methodological uncertainty and is usually embedded within a systematic review or other evidence synthesis to evaluate the effectiveness of alternative ways of delivering or organising a particular review process. It will also describe the ESI SWAR Award Scheme and how you can apply, with time for questions and answers.

Prof. Declan Devane

Director, Evidence Synthesis Ireland

Director, Cochrane Ireland

Dr Nikita Burke

Programme Manager, Evidence Synthesis Ireland

Associate Director, Cochrane Ireland

Dr K. M. Saif-Ur-Rahman

Senior Methodologist, Evidence Synthesis Ireland

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