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New Cochrane Fellowship Awards

HSC R&D Division is pleased to announce the funding of four new Cochrane Fellowship Awards in 2016. This forms part of our work with Cochrane Ireland.

The new Awards are listed in the table below:




Audrey Roulston

Psychological interventions for depression in adults bereaved through life-limiting conditions

School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, Queen’s University Belfast

Maresa McGettigan

Post-operative exercise interventions on the physical and mental health of people with colorectal cancer receiving adjuvant therapy

Cancer Focus Northern Ireland

Lisa Jeffers

Interventions to support female BRCA carriers who undergo risk-reducing surgery

Macmillan Genetic Counsellor, Belfast City Hospital

Jennifer Roberts

Educational interventions to improve attainment for Children in Care

School of Education,  Queen’s University Belfast













The Fellowships provide protected time for up to two years during which the Fellows undertake training in Cochrane systematic reviews[i], develop their protocol, and complete a full Cochrane review in their chosen topic area.

The planned systematic review topics have all been evaluated as addressing question(s) of clear strategic relevance and importance to health and social care on the island of Ireland. All the Fellows will be supported by established Cochrane Review Groups and local supervisors experienced in the conduct of Cochrane Systematic Reviews.

To view the full list of Cochrane Fellowship Awards funded by HSC R&D Division click here>

[i] Cochrane Reviews are full-text systematic reviews, which provide an overview of the effects of interventions in health and social care (Cochrane reviews of the effects of healthcare interventions) or cover studies assessing the methodology of research in health and social care (i.e., Cochrane Methodology Reviews).