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Acknowledging HSC R&D Division


Acknowledging HSC R&D Division support:

It is important that HSC R&D Division is acknowledged appropriately in any published or public communication including all forms of media communication, including media appearances, press releases and conferences, talks, workshops, publications, reports and other documents. (For further detail, see HSC R&D Division Terms and Conditions of Awards, section 12)

Funding Statement & Logo

For articles published in journals, or deposited in institutional or subject-based repositories, the acknowledgement of funding should take the form of a sentence as in the following example, with the funding agency written out in full, followed by the award number in square brackets (It is important that you quote the HSC R&D File Reference for your Award as this helps us track the outputs, outcomes and impacts of HSC R&D Funding):

“This work/event was supported by HSC R&D Division, Public Health Agency [HSC R&D Award File Reference].”

The funding statement can be used on its own or accompanied by the HSC R&D Division logotype. If you are using the HSC R&D Division logo, we recommend that it is positioned bottom right on the front cover, on the inside cover or on the back page. It must not be positioned anywhere at the top of the document, as this could imply endorsement or ownership by HSC R&D Division. Only the original digital graphic files of the HSC R&D Division logotype should be used. The logotype must never be recreated or altered in any way. Click on the image below to download a copy. Please contact us if you need a high quality version (.eps file) of our logo.

Using a Disclaimer

You must take care, particularly for publications about research findings that you do not imply endorsement or ownership by HSC R&D Division. Publications must not be described as a ‘Report of HSC R&D Division’ without the HSC R&D Division’s prior approval. Award Holders shall not give the impression in any statement, public or otherwise, that they are, on account of the research, advisers or acting in any official capacity for HSC R&D Division. If appropriate a disclaimer should be used after the funding statement (example below):

"This work/event was supported by HSC R&D Division, Public Health Agency [HSC R&D Award File Reference]. The content or views expressed are those of the authors/presenters and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the HSC R&D Division."

Press releases

Prior to issuing any press release concerning an Award or the outcome of research funded or supported by HSC R&D Division, please notify the relevant Programme Manager in HSC R&D Division to allow for coordination and HSC R&D Division input.