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Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan

Commissioned Research - Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan (2005)

HSC R&D Division commissioned research in the area of Antimicrobial Resistance


Awards Reports
An investigation into the true community levels of antibiotic resistance in S.pneumoniae and the relationship between pneumococcal and viridans streptococcal penicillin and quinolone resistance
Dr C Goldsmith (BCHT)
2006-2011 Status: Research Complete
The impact of quantitative molecular diagnosis of invasive candida infection on antimicrobial drug prescribing in a regional intensive care unit.
Prof R Hay (RGHT)
2005-2008 Status: Research Complete
Factors influencing the success or failure of MRSA decolonisation.
Dr M Tunney (QUB)
2005-2008 Status: Research Complete
A collaborative primary care-based approach to managing upper respiratory tract infections as a strategy to reduce antibiotic prescribing.
Prof J McElnay (QUB)
2005-2007 Status:Research Complete