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Belfast Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre

To help celebrate World Cancer Day 4 February 2016, the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres (ECMC) Network created a video highlighting the landscape of experimental cancer medicine in the UK.  With a collaborative Network of 18 adult centres distributed throughout Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and Wales, the bright minds of our ECMC clinicians and researchers unite to work together on world-leading early-phase cancer clinical trials.

The video features interviews from several ECMC researchers from Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales who are explaining; what work they do in experimental cancer medicine, why the ECMC Initiative is key for their work, how well placed the UK is compared to its global competitors, and what challenges in experimental cancer medicine lie ahead.

We hope you find it interesting to learn about how we are supporting research in the development of new treatments to combat cancer.

To view the video please go to the ECMC website>

HSC R&D Division partners with Cancer Research UK in co-funding the Belfast Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre.