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Communicating the Final Study Report for Make It Public

The Health Research Authority (HRA) is changing the way we collect data at the end of studies and have developed a new final report form. This change will apply across all four nations, following discussion with the Joint UKREDG / Four Nations Group.  

The new final report launched on Wednesday 15 September.

The HRA published the Make It Public research transparency strategy in July 2020 with support from all four UK nations. As part of this strategy we have developed a standard dataset on research transparency, which will be collected in study final reports.  

While submission of a final report 12 months from the end of a study is already a requirement, current reporting does not give consistent and complete data, making reporting and evaluation more difficult. The new webform introduces a standard template for collecting key information. All studies that have not yet submitted their final report on 15 September, will be expected to use the new form.  

This change will help us to see more clearly what proportion of studies are fulfilling transparency requirements, including information about study registration, publication of results, informing participants of the outcome of the study and the sharing of data and tissue (if applicable).  In standardising the information we request, we are helping users to understand expectations. We are changing the way that we collect this information rather than the type of information we collect.  

The REC report will continue to notify members which studies have submitted a final report and members will be able to view copies of the reports on request (as per the current process). 

To read more see the press release