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Early Intervention Transformation Programme (EITP)

In 2015 HSC R&D Division, in partnership with Atlantic Philanthropies and EITP invited applications for commissioned research on the current outcomes of the implementation of the Early Intervention Transformation Programmes under Work Streams 1, 2 & 3.

Applications to this call were expected to include the following:

Inform the process of continuous improvement of EITP work streams.
Inform the development of any subsequent EITP interventions.
Inform future strategy for EITP for children and young people and their families.
Allow generalisable application in contexts beyond the Northern Ireland setting.

3 Awards were made:

Dr Jenny McNeill (QUB)
The APPLE Project: A Parenting and Professional Learning Evaluation
Dr Karen Winter (QUB)
An Evaluation of the Early Intervention Support Service in Northern Ireland.
Dr Michelle Butler (QUB)
Using the voluntary sector to support children and families with complex needs - what are the potential benefits and risks?