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5-6 Mar 2024 - The 2024 Health Data Research UK Conference - The Grand Challenges in Health Data

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Health Data Research UK’s annual conference will be a free two-day, hybrid event to celebrate progress and bring people together to accelerate the trustworthy use of health data for public benefit.  

What to expect

The UK is in a unique position to realise the potential of health data, thanks to the NHS and its cradle-to-grave records for a population of over 65 million people. The last few years have demonstrated the enormous power of data to advance medical knowledge and deliver radical improvements to people’s lives. But there is much more that can be done through large-scale data, advanced analytics and innovative developments in data governance.  

Health Data Research UK’s annual conference will be a free two-day, hybrid event to celebrate this progress and allow us to come together and continue to build momentum in the health data research revolution.

The conference will:

Day 1 tackles the grand challenges in health data. Talks and panel discussions will cover everything from molecules to AI, GP data to wearables, maintaining public confidence to gaining an international perspective. The sessions are designed to inspire, enthuse and bring together members of the scientific community, industry, patients and the public. 

Day 2 aims to promote the technology ecosystem and the contributions of colleagues across the sector addressing the grand challenges in health data research. This means bringing together the community to develop technical solutions, encouraging the adoption of standards for interoperability and pushing the science of data infrastructure, capacity building and training. Join scientists, research software engineers and technologists from across the UK and around the world in sessions to share learning and technical solutions and build new networks.  


To read more and register see the HDRUK website.