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General Practice Academic Research Training Scheme (GPARTS) Awards

HSC R&D Division support training in research for trainee general practitioners whilst they complete their clinical training in general practice. The awards provide two-year posts which aim to increase the research capacity of primary care, by giving the trainees opportunity to gain experience in academic general practice and to develop expertise in clinical research and education. The training is designed to create a resource of trained practitioners with leadership skills, who are equipped to make evidence-based decisions regarding the best approaches to the provision of high quality health and social care and the prevention of disease.


Chief Investigator
How can inclusion health be developed at the 'deep end' on Northern Irish General Practice Dr D Butler Active 2020-  
'Gut feeling, gestalt or guesswork?'' The lived experiences of GP trainees managing uncertainty in remote consulting Dr J Christy Active 2020- £84,132
Set up for success? The implementation of Near Peer teaching within GP training Dr K Doherty Active 2020-  
Referral pathways in young adults presenting to primary care with lower GI symptoms suspicious for cancer Dr O O'Neill Active 2020- £82,332
Addressing the low uptake of pertussis and flu vaccine during pregnancy: What is happening and what can be done about it in primary care? Dr S McCarron Active 2020-  
'It doesn't happen that often... but': An exploratory ethnographic case study of organizational change brought by in-situ emergency simulation in general practice Dr S O'Hare Acrive 2019- £82,787
To what extent is General Practice a sedentary occupation? Dr R Mayne Research Complete 2019-21 £82,787
Understanding Primary Care Pressures and Their Management in the Context of COVID-19 Dr R Dillon Active 2019- £10,500
Social Prescribing in Primary Care Dr K McCracken Active 2019- £10,500
The Mental Health Detention Process in the Community Dr P Houghton Active 2018- £89,979
Challenges for the rural primary care team in caring for patients with Dementia Dr L Hodkinson Active 2018- £10,500
Linkage of primary and secondary healthcare records to identify the prevalence, characteristics and clinical outcomes of patients with Severe Asthma in Northern Ireland Dr J Stewart Active 2018- £83,508

A study to assess perceptions of, use of, and training in dermoscopy among General Practitioners.

Dr J Fee



Using Active Theory to explore project Echo Dr C Higgins Active 2017-18 £82,079
Wrong-sided errors in healthcare: can precision training reduce left-right confusion?
Dr C Brennan
Research Complete
A study to assess preparedness of GP Trainees to deliver health promotion advice for physical activity.
Dr R Martin
What are the outcomes and experiences of older adults and primary care professionals in an innovative referral scheme to a commercial weight-loss programme
Dr L McQuillan
Research Complete
A feasibility study and pilot RCT of a peer-led walking programme to increase physical activity in inactive older adults: “Walk With Me Study”
Dr D Collins
Research Complete
Influence of online course related promoting on medical students' exercise practices
Dr C Neill
Research Complete
Choosing tomorrow's doctors - Does the performance of candidates in MMIs predict future performance during their medical school career?
Dr J Weir
Research Complete
Brief advice and physical activity promotion in primary care
Dr M Brennan
Research Complete
To investigate what influences GPs when considering exercise referral scheme
Dr C Rea
Research Complete
A multi-centre UK study to determine how the non-cognitive UKCAT tests correlate with MMIs for admission to medical school
Dr M Aicken
Research Complete
A study of the impact of e-learning on undergraduate medical education
Dr HJ Reid
Research Complete
Physical activity assessment and research recruitment in general practice
Dr N Heron
Research Complete
The impact of experimental learning in health behaviour change on medical students' intentions towards enhancing in and promoting physical activity
Dr P Cooke
Research Complete
Multiple mini interviews for the selection of medical students at Queen's University Belfast
Dr R Spence
Research Complete
A case control study to evaluate the use of a patient questionnaire in the diagnosis of fibromyalgia
Dr M McAleavy
Research Complete
H.P.V. uptake in an area of socio-economic deprivation: attitudes and lifestyle factors
Dr T Jain
Research Complete
Barriers to palliative care in heart failure
Dr M Monaghan
Research Complete
How does education and clinical experience influence perceptions of professionalism and ethical behaviour in medical students?
Dr J Johnston
Research Complete
Cardiovascular risk recording in Primary Care
Dr A Sahu
Research Complete
Information technology and Information Missing (ITIM) in General Practice
Dr W Ahmed
Research Complete
Measurement of Exhaled Nitric Oxide and Spirometry Measurements in Children age 6-12 years
Dr N White
Research Complete
A primary care based study of lifestyle change associated with Lipid Lowering Drug Prescription
Dr M Hughes
Research Complete
Chlamydia screening and primary care
Dr DM MacDonagh
Research Complete
Screening for primary fibromyalgia - A validation study of a fibromyalgia diagnostic questionnaire
Dr D Wilson
Research Complete
(1) Physical activity habits of GPs in N. Ireland. (2) Do physical activity habits of GPs influence the level of physical activity in the population?
Dr F McGrady
Research Complete
(1) A randomised controlled trial to test the hypothesis that text message reminders improves attendance for new patient medicals; (2) A questionnaire survey to determine the views of university students with regard to using mobile phone text messages within general practice
Dr B Kelly
Research Complete
1) Pilot Study. A cross-sectional study of depression in the over 65s residing in residential homes. 2) Are deprived patients perceived by GPs to be less attractive than their affluent peers? 3) Pilot Study to identify why women choose different services for the provision of routine cervical screening
Dr P Milsom
Research Complete
Computers and their use in the consultation in General Practice
Dr Wai-Sun Chan
Research Complete
A study to determine the diagnosis and appropriateness of prescribing for patients being starts on SSRI and related anti-depressants in Primary Care
Dr K Poland
Research Complete
Teenage contraception and pregnancy - an examination of geographical variation in teenage contraception service provision and teenage pregnancy
Dr S Millighan
Research Complete
Care and treatment pathways in the management of post natal depression in Primary Care
Dr L Wasson
Research Complete
Can Rheumatologists agree on a diagnosis of Inflammatory Arthritis in an early synovitis clinic?
Dr G Gormley
Research Complete
Status as of July 2016
* final costs subject to change