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Implementation Workshop

HSC R&D Division hosted this workshop to consult on the Implementation Plan for the new HSC R&D Strategy, ‘Research for Better Health & Social Care’.

The day was attended by 74 delegates from a variety of organisations and sectors and included academic researchers, clinicians, directors, research managers, network leads, chief executives and public representatives.

Please see two of the presentations from the workshop: 

Ian Young and Janice Bailie

Brian McKinstry (SHARE)

If you were unable to attend the workshop but would like to have an opportunity to input into the discussion and report please feel free to add your comments to the questions below after you have consulted the Implementation Plan. Responses should be returned to Gail Johnston by 3 June 2016.

The engagement discussions were divided up into 3 main topics:

As our partners...

Topic One: What do you think our implementation priorities should be?

Topic Two: What will help us to get furthest, fastest?
• Part A - What works well and what could be done better?
• Part B - Opportunities for and threats to success?

Topic Three: What do you see as your role in helping us deliver these priorities?

Click here for the report and see also the following postal responses to the consultation: