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Investing in Health

Commissioned Research - Investing in Health (2004)

HSC R&D Division commissioned research in the area of Investing in Health

Awards Reports
Prevalence, determinants and strategies for countering overweight and obesity in school aged children and adolescents: a comparison of learning disabled and non-learning disabled pupils
Dr E Slevin (UU)
2004-2008 Research Complete
A study of the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of Public Access Defibrillation in urban and rural populations in Northern Ireland
Prof F Kee (QUB)
2004-2007 Research Complete
Health and social inequalities in the uptake of cardiac rehabilitation in Northern Ireland: an alternative programme for non-attenders
Prof M Cupples (QUB)
2004-2007 Research Complete 
Is this a reasonable way to assess the effectiveness of policies to reduce inequalities in health?
Dr D O'Reilly (QUB)
2004-2006 Research Complete
Does a reduction in poverty among patients aged 70 and over lead to an improvement in health status?
Dr D O'Reilly (QUB)
2004-2006 Research Complete