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Launch of TrialBlazers Campaign

HSC R&D Division is working with the National Institute of Health and Care Research to launch the TrialBlazers campaign which takes place from Monday 16 May to Sunday 29 May 2022, with a particular focus on International Clinical Trials Day on Friday 20 May

Thousands of people volunteer in health and care research to help find new and better ways of preventing, diagnosing and treating disease and improving care. When volunteers become involved in research, they work to help shape what research gets done and how the results are applied in practice - they are ‘TrialBlazers’. 

We want to thank volunteers for the role they play in research and encourage everyone to get their friends, families and colleagues involved. 

You can support the campaign in three ways;

  1. Create a short 30-second video. Tell us in your own words why research is so vital! You can film a short video message on your mobile completing the sentence ‘You should take part in research because…’. Clips should be no more than 30 seconds, filmed vertically/portrait style and in MP4 or MOV format. Please send the clips by email to
  2. Through social media. Engage, share and view our posts with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. Tell them about the campaign and visit Be Part of Research for more information about how to take part in research.
  3. Watch on Facebook Live. GP and television doctor Dr Sarah Jarvis will be joining us for a Facebook Live event on Monday 16 May at 7 pm. The event will promote the value of research and how to take the first step. Watch the live event on the NIHR Facebook page

The campaign puts our TrialBlazers centre stage. Tell your story and send the message to everyone that they too can make a difference in research. 

Whether you take part in a study, shape how a piece of research is delivered or help with prioritising or promoting the value of research to others - every TrialBlazer makes a unique contribution.

Find more information on the TrialBlazers campaign here

If you’d like to volunteer in research as a TrialBlazer and to sign up to the BepartofResearch newsletter click here.