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MHRA launches public consultation on future of medical device regulation

MHRA launches public consultation on future of medical device regulation

Launched by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the ten week (10-week) consultation gives everyone the opportunity to draw on their own experiences, and contribute to the improvement of the regulatory framework and patient safety in the future.  It is important to note that the closing date is the 25th November 2021 (@ 11:45pm).

For many individuals in Northern Ireland, medical devices are an essential part of their everyday lives.  As such, we all want to know that the devices we use are safe and effective, so regulation of medical devices really matters; especially where fast-developing technology has changed, and continues to influence the landscape for medical devices, bringing new and innovative devices to the UK market.

MHRA welcome the views of patients, medical device researchers, developers, manufacturers and suppliers, clinicians, other healthcare professionals and the wider public to help shape the future approach to regulating medical devices in the UK.

This is an important opportunity to make a difference to how we regulate and experience medical devices – helping ensure that people have safe, quality, innovative medical devices which improve their lives.

Public Health Agency R&D Division is encouraging stakeholders (with a vested interest within the medical devices area) to discuss and share experiences, thoughts and visions around the regulation of medical devices.

Please visit the MHRA website, and click through on the MHRA consultation link contained therein.

Considering changes to regulations (including NI Protocol), PHA R&D Division is providing support services to HSCNI around IMP and medical devices supply.  PHA R&D Division will be releasing separate informational materials outlining these services.

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