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NCRI launch tool to support the research community to improve the quality of biosamples for cancer research

The CM-Path Biobanking Sample Quality Improvement Tool is a free, confidential self-assessment for use by biobank staff to review how their current practices impact sample quality.

Questions are completed by selecting the appropriate answer from a dropdown menu. This then leads to commentary and evidence as to why the subject of the question is important when it comes to the quality of samples being stored. Where answers indicate that there is room for improvement, suggestions for such improvement are recorded in the “Flagged Areas” tab.

The tool is designed using Microsoft Excel to ensure it is compatible with most operating systems. This also means you can save your answers and refer back to them at a later date to see if you have implemented the relevant changes.

The NCRI cannot view any of your answers and so use of the tool is entirely confidential. It is intended to help biobanks ensure their samples are of the highest quality for tissue users. They do, however, ask you to fill in some details initially so that they may contact you in the future to find out how useful you found the tool. Your information will be held internally and not shared without prior permission.

For more details and to download the tool see the NCRI website.