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New Joint Investment Announced for US-Ireland R&D Programme

HSC R&D Division supported by the Medical Research Council are co-funding three new research projects under the US Ireland R&D Programme.

These include projects:

  • looking to eradicate bone infection using novel cold plasma treatments
  • developing new approaches for the treatment of secondary hypertension and to identify a first pharmacological treatment for cerebral malaria, that may also help prevent and treat other hemorrhagic diseases or acute respiratory distress syndrome caused, for example, by the Covid-19
  • new methodologies for diagnosing and treating aldosterone producing adenomas which avoid the need for surgery and improve patient outcomes and experience

These research studies represent a new joint investment of over £10.5 million through the tripartite research and development partnership between the United States of America (USA), Republic of Ireland (RoI) and Northern Ireland (NI) known as the US-Ireland Research and Development Partnership. These awards will support new research positions in research institutions across the three jurisdictions.

In congratulating the researchers on these awards, Prof Ian Young, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department of Health in Northern Ireland and Director of Health and Social Care (HSC) Research and Development, said: “The US Ireland R&D Programme is important to HSC as it enables powerful international collaboration across Ireland and the US, producing world leading science and strengthening the global community to advance the health of our population.”  


Please click here for the full press release from SFI and more detail on the awards>